Progression for Scott’s Killer Core Routine

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    Are there any principles for increasing the difficulty of the routine? I assume the idea is to keep the number of reps constant and increase the weight so it remains a ‘strength’ routine rather than becoming an ‘endurance’ routine.

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    Anonymous on #4724

    You’re right. To build strength you want to keep reps low and add resistance. You need to get creative. We use a weight vest for our stronger athletes for several of the exercises: 3 or 2 Point, Side plank. Wear boots for the leg raise and L sit.

    As you get stronger you’ll discover that some of these Core exercises can serve as warm ups and you can focus on the tough ones for you and do more sets of them. Don’t be afraid to dream up others that may be more specific to your goals. Youtube is a great source for ideas.


    Mariner_9 on #4726

    Thanks, Scott.

    The one exercise I added is the “medicine ball jackknife” (with handover), the idea for which came from Bibi Tolderer-Pekarek (background). Easy to progress with that one by increasing the weight of the ball.

    Neil on #5541

    An amazing “cross-core” exercise is the adductor plank. I do them as repeats, not holds. Helps for hip-knee stability on downhills and REALLY works the obliques. You can tweak the exercise in various ways and put plates on your upper flank.

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