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    Hello, i am Emanuele fron Italy and yesterday I did the AeT drift test follow the right procedure (the first lap was the warm up that was more long than 9 minutes, then 1 hour where i tryed to keep close to 160 bpm). Here below the TP link :

    If i follow the instruction i should add 5 bpm fron 160 (initial test value) but my recent LT was 168 bpm (in flat surface), it means that i am the same value of AnT e Aet ? What should i do now ?
    Thank you

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    Shashi on #52967


    Welcome to the Uphill Athlete forum.

    Ideally your warm up should be longer, at least 15 minutes. Other than that your test looks good.

    Can you share the link for your AnT test?

    baracocol on #52970

    Thank you for your reply, do you think I should redo the AeT test adding 5 BPM ? I will make another time the AnT test next week then I will see if it upgrade

    baracocol on #52977

    Today I tried the AnT test , here the link :

    Maybe the AnT HR is 170 because the first minutes of 30 was for to find the right pace and stride. At the end of test the HR was 176 and I was KO. My max HR is 186. Maybe my AeT HR is 165 (160 doesn’t make drift ) and my AnT is 168-170 then my z3 is very little. Now is better to do z1 and z4 workout ?

    Shashi on #52986


    If you don’t mind, can you share your training background?

    Thank you!

    baracocol on #52988

    Ok, I am 46 years old, when I was young i did many years like weight lifter then I married and I became almost obese. From 2010 I am a runner, the first years I lost weight and improve my fitness and then from 2015 my run start to become ultrarun. I run from 80 to 120 km every week from many years ( with some pause for injury and recharge) but with few anaerobic workout. From 2 months I live in a mountain place (near Dolomiti) and my workout must become more vertical, all my runner career was on a flat surface and sometimes in the weekend I made some vertical workout. I am 1.87 meter tall and my weight is 80 kg, I think I must improve my legs strength

    Shashi on #52991

    Given your fitness level, you might want to do a longer (45-60 min) AnT test. Outdoors I know it is a challenge to control pace/heart rate but ease into the test (15 minutes of warm up below AeT) and then start your AnT test. Your overall workout duration might end up being same as your last AnT test.

    Based on years of training at low intensity, your AeT might well be within 10% of AnT. Once you are well rested do the AeT test again with a higher target HR maybe 5 more than your previous test as you suggested).

    Shashi on #52992

    Also you might find this forum topic helpful on what to do once your AeT is within 10% of AnT

    ADS enquiry

    baracocol on #53001

    Thank you for your reply. Next week I will try another time the two test (I will try to run for 45 Min for the AnT test). I bought the 2 books (training for uphill athlete and training for new alpinism) and bought a 20 week big vert on TP. Now I must only run and run and run….

    baracocol on #53003

    How much percent should be the track where do the AnT test ?

    Anonymous on #55133

    Sorry for the delay.

    Looking at your AnT test, I would put AnT at 170. That being the case, I would be surprised if your AeT is much above 160.

    When your thresholds get very close together, it’s often best to get a lab test done. This can be lactate or gas exchange. The important thing is that the test center is aware of aerobic threshold (not just anaerobic.) Thankfully, that awareness seems more common in Europe.

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