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    Any specific suggestions regarding strengthening and stretching going into knee replacement? I am going under the knife total knee replacement in five weeks (right knee bad and left knee is fine)….I have chatted with Scott briefly about this (he said be in touch regarding suggestions, but oops)…I am NOT a runner, but ski mountaineering is my sport passion…I know Scott went into his after very vigorous strength work…my ortho said just do bike for strength pre surgery….any specific suggestions in the home stretch here?? Thanks, Chet

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #36235

    You’ll love not having the pain you have now, that limits activity!!
    1. Do NOT go in to surgery with an inflamed knee. It really sets you back motion wise, and that is the name of the game early on. No…I think I’ll just trash it since I’m just about to get it replaced….
    2. Do strengthen to your tolerance as indicated by pain and inflammation. If bike works then do intervals, strength with higher power/low rpm, short 15sec speeds etc.
    3. Passive extension is the most important part of your range of motion to have going into surgery. If you have stiffened up in extension, spend some time with isometric quad exercises pushing into extension to improve it.
    4. Classic skiing can sometimes be not too bad with an arthritic knee, if it works, its time on snow!
    5. Basically, do what you can within No. 1 above.

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