Post-Partum Training

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    Have passed the UA articles on post-partum core development along to our daughter who delivered this past Monday. Was thinking of making a gift of one of the UA Programs as she works back into shape but none seemed to match up with your articles.

    A suggestion and question – perhaps a 16+ week program for such women? Maybe a c-section and natural birth alternative? The objective would seem to be moving towards the ability to undertake one of the complete programs depending on the individual’s goals.

    She live in near Boulder near the foothills so the treking programs don’t quite apply – there is some vertical available but of course work and childcare will interfere.

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    @Frank.Trotter Congrats on the new addition to your family!I hope your daughter and baby are recovering well. Thanks for sharing the articles, and your idea is one I’ve had several times, but each time I sit down to create it, I have so many questions about the labor, pregnancy, and pre-pregnancy info, that I haven’t figured out a way to do it that isn’t so general that it’s unhelpful. One option could be to give her a training plan and a consult so we could tailor the training plan to her particular condition better, or a custom plan, which would be 8-weeks based entirely on her goals, schedule, etc. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep working on a plan that would work for new moms; maybe having a couple to choose from could make them less general and more helpful.

    Frank.Trotter on #40449

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll discuss with her and respond when she wants to engage.

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