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    Do you have any recommendation for a portable testing device for blood lactate testing or is this something you would advise only doing through a medical technician or trainer ? I’d like to be able to verify my zones and check progress and I see a hand full of these devises for sale online but am not sure if they will be accurate enough or worth the investment .
    Thanks for everything.

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    The old, best standby was the Lactate Pro. Made in Japan but now hard to find as it has been replaced with an inferior model. The Lactate Pro strips are also getting rare. I’ve had mine for 15 years and it as great device but due to these availability problems I am hesitant to recommend it.

    Lactate Plus is available here: http://www.lactate.com/lactateplus.html

    I have a couple of these devices and they work well. They give a reading in 13 seconds as compared to 60 seconds for the Lactate Pro. Their test strips are cheaper than the Pro as well. However they give more ERROR readings due to contamination by sweat than is the Pro. However with some practice you can almost eliminate these errors. At first they can be frustrating. But, at least you only have to wait 13 seconds as opposed to 60 seconds to find out the reading was bad before you can take a new reading.

    You do not need to go to a testing facility to have these tests done. It is easy to learn and the above mentioned Lactate.com site has may free articles and sells good information on understanding lactate.


    jason3759 on #5742

    I just got the Lactate Plus thru Lactate.com It set me back $390 for the whole kit. Customer service was very friendly, and it was at my door one day after I ordered.
    I’m glad I went for it.


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