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    I’m building up to some longer training sessions and have reached the end of my playlists. I’m looking for inspiration to make a new playlist and to download new podcasts. Does anyone have favourites to share or suggestions?

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    richard.ferron on #8472

    Here are a few Podcast I’m listening to:
    The dirtbag diaries
    The Tim Ferris show
    Jocko Podcast
    Talk Ultra

    Looking forward to other recommendations 🙂

    Land on #8473

    If you’re posting on here, The Dissect Podcast, with Mark Twight and colleagues, will probably be of interest to you. Reminds me of some of the training conversations/rants with my friends over some coffees. Interesting stuff.

    Mariner_9 on #8484

    Mountain Meister has interviews with mountaineers, skiers and ski-mountaineers, among others.

    You could also try the American Alpine Club podcast.

    Rhonda Patrick’s podcast is good for health/training info though is very geeky.

    The Alpinist podcast can be good.

    Best of the Banff Mountain Festival might be good but sadly many of the links are broken…

    HTH. I got through a lot while doing long hour muscular endurance sessions in a stairwell!

    richard.ferron on #8488

    Did not know MFT had a podcast! DOWNLOADING 🙂 Thanks Land!

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