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    I am continually amazed at the quality of synthesis and practical advice that Uphill Athlete has brought us through their books, training plans, online articles and direct responses on this forum. These following links are not meant to draw away from Uphill Athlete in any way (in terms of quality of advice or commercial support by purchasing their services).

    Since Uphill Athlete and this forum is such a robust and supportive community I think it appropriate to throw out a few podcasts that have brought me additional value. All three are evidence (scholarly) informed and highly focused on translating academic work to practical implementation. Every bit of this deep-dive advice and discussion is entirely consistent with everything I have learnt from Uphill Athlete as well as their philosophy (100% substance, no marketing fluff or BS): all a testament to the quality of Uphill Athelete’s work.

    You name the endurance training topic and you will find deep dive discussion here.

    Science of Ultra:

    Sigma Nutrition:

    Guru Performance:

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