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    I’m looking to get a metabolic testing done using the Pnoe device. The person doing the test suggested the following protocol:
    – 15min warmup
    – 6% incline, starting at 3mph and increasing speed by 1mph every 3min until failure

    Is this a good protocol for determining AeT and AnT if training for races with big elevation gain? What will be the advantages/disadvantages of having the test done at 10% incline and increasing speed only by .5mph every 3min?


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    Anonymous on #38338

    For mountain sports, I would use the steepest treadmill incline that you will have regular access to (for repeated testing). 6% is pretty low-angle.

    If you do use 6%, then 1 mph increases are probably reasonable. At steeper inclines, I think 1 mph will be too severe.

    I prefer to use changes in pace rather than speed. When testing, I start with changes that are 30″/km and then gradually down to 15″/km when trying to dial in AeT.

    One thing: The PNOE website has that “smells like science!” feel. They use “the most famous nutritionist in the US”, a Crossfit owner, and a dietician as spokespeople. That doesn’t bode well for the accuracy and precision of the device… I would look for a proper lab.

    radu.diaconu on #38339

    Thank you for the info Scott.
    I have done the AeT and AnT tests according to the UA recommendations (last year in August and one 3 months ago). On the last AeT test the heart rate drift was negative so I wasn’t sure if I’ve done something wrong or not. Unfortunately there are no decent labs close to where I live to do a proper test so Pnoe was the only alternative, and I was just curious on the results compared to the self test.
    What recommendations you have on a negative heart rate drift during the AeT test? Should I just retest starting at a higher HR? Current AeT is set at 160 which seams a little high, but again during the 1h test the drift was negative.

    Thank you,

    Anonymous on #38372

    Negative drift… How long and gradual was your warm-up?

    What are you using for AnT HR?

    radu.diaconu on #38387

    I warmed up for 15min prior to starting the 1 hour test (see attached file). Since I had my previous AeT value as 158 I started the test around that value.
    As for AnT I’m using 174bpm.

    radu.diaconu on #38388

    Here is the zip workout since the original was too big

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    Anonymous on #38633

    Do you have the workout in Training Peaks? Can you post a link to the workout?

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