Please Help with interpreting results from HR-Drift-Test

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    Hi I would like to ask for some help interpreting my (second ever) HR Drift test.

    Brief history: I am 44 yo with some inconsistent running/biking/skitouring history in the past 4 years.

    After reading “Training for the Uphill Athlete” in 9-2020 I did my first HR-Drift Test in 10-2020 with proper 5% Pa:HR drift at around 133 bpm. I started to regularly do workouts at around and below a 133 bpm HR. (Also ran into some minor overloading injuries cause wow its easy and addictive to progress into longer more frequent training in Z1 and Z2 ?)

    Today I did my second HR-Drift test on a flat course. I started with a 15 min warmup (that is not part of the data) and ran aiming at a starting HR of around 140-142 bpm

    Here are the results
    Test Data from TraininPeaks

    What strikes me as awkward is the fact that this felt quite hearder than what I am used to. After the Test I expected to actually having overshot my AET with initial 140-142 HR the since I ended up with a HR of around 150 bpm.

    Q: to anyone experienced with these tests. Is the test invalid or is my AET actually at or above 140-142? Overall Pa:Hr seems to be below 5% if I see it correctly, even if I look at the data starting a few minutes into the test since at the beginning I am not quite stabe.

    Few comments on the data:
    I am using a garmin watch with a chest strap HR-Monitor
    I was nosebreathing at at rate of 4 steps in 4 steps out throughout the whole test. This felt a bit strenuous since I normally mouth breathe even during less intense exercise.
    The pace-values must be off since I never walked (there is some 8:53/km values in there). Was running in forest so it seems that some of the GPS-Data seems to be scewes.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Shashi on #55729


    Welcome to the Uphill Athlete forum.

    Your test looks good and I would go with an AeT of 140.

    Jan on #55771

    Thank you for the feedback


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