Plantar fasciitis and ME

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    I seem to have developed plantar fasciitis in my mid-foot. I saw the podiatrist yesterday and he told me that I can keep doing everything but no carrying weight while hiking for a month (he told me other things too, but these seem most relevant). I’m allowed to lift still, but no hiking with weight. For the next 4 weeks (I go back on the 28th).

    I have sort of weird PF where it only hurts when I’m hiking (particularly downhill) with a pack. It doesn’t hurt mornings/after sitting etc.

    So heres the rub. I’m 4 weeks in to Muscular Endurance. Should I just continue on without weight? Should I go back to max strength for the next month?

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    Effective training can only come on top of a base of good health. PF is a nasty injury that can last months and leave you pretty hobbled. I recommend taking this seriously and not trying to train through it. Yes it is a major bummer to have your plans suddenly disrupted by any injury or illness. It happens all the time to athletes and some times careers come to an end because of it.

    Be good to this facial injury. Take a proactive approach with therapy. Research it on the internet. There are some easy self help therapies you can do with out the help of a PT. Use the shot gun approach and try them all: Ice/heat, NSAIDs, Taping, Massage, and most of all: Rest. Treat it early on aggressively and see if you can kick it ASAP

    For sure don’t carry weight. There is some likelihood that the ME may have been what caused this injury. I’d even go so fat to say that you need to stop doing anything that hurts it until you are pain free. I’ve known many folks who have had PF linger for years.

    Good luck and be careful. Its a bummer to get injured. It is an even bigger bummer to have this become a chronic injury.


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    I am very heavy, my feet are sensitive, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Arthritis. Nothing I have purchased before including at the Podiatrist office has been this durable and this comfortable. I know I will buy more in the future as they wear out. If you are thinking about it, don’t, your feet will thank you, I know mine have by being painless. orthofeet is very comfortable.

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