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    Hi all,

    I’m in my seasonal break of 2 weeks after a strange season without races but where I trained for 475 hours for some individual goals.
    Now I’m relaxing and planning my future objectives.
    My weak point are the steep hills over 20%. So I want to start this season with 8 weeks of max strength using the usual exercises you advise (weighted box step ups, bulgarian split squat, Lunges,…).

    My schedule for the next 8 weeks:
    monday: —
    tuesday: max strength
    wednsday: Z1/Z2 1h
    thursday: max strength
    friday: —
    saturday: Z1/Z2 1h
    sunday: Z1/Z2 3h

    – Do you think that it’s preferable to do the running workouts on the flat during this period?
    – Perhaps it’s better to move the max strength workout from thursday to saturday?

    Thanks advance.

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    Anonymous on #46466

    I suggest at least 72 hours between max workouts. Establishing a good base of strength in this early base period is a good plan. Those exercises will work well. After 8 week of this I would suggest doing 1x/week Hill Sprints/Hill Bounding workout. See our books for details. This is the best way for runners to build sport specific leg power. It will help you on steep hills.

    During this base period I thin it is fine to mix in some hilly runs. The Max strength workouts should not leave you too tired.


    jegger1981 on #46502

    Thank you very much for the advice Scott!

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