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    I have the opportunity to climb Hood via the South Sides route in late April/early May and am looking at training plans. I have been mainly riding 40-60 miles a week for the last few months as way to build some base in a non-impactive manner. Assuming late April/early May would give me 14-16 weeks from the next week or 2 to the last/first weeks of April or May.
    Our dates are not firm, as of yet, so I am looking at the following was looking for advice on which path might be better.
    8 week mountaineering plan run twice – How would this work?
    12 week crunch plan with 3-4 more weeks of base training
    16 week big mtn plan
    I am a 51 male this year who has a decent background in aerobic training with experience in cycling, running, hiking, and climbing over the last 40+ years, though nothing super focused the last 5 or so.
    Thoughts and thanks

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    I’d recommend the 16 week big mountain plan for Hood prep. You can substitute hiking for the running if running is an issue. Best to get off the bike and on to your feet for most workouts and reserve the bike for recovery rides.

    I hope this helps.

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