Picking exercises for max strength period

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    I have now finished the transition period and moving to the base period and max strength training. I would be glad for some advice on which exercises to pick from the transition period. As a background info, I am training for mountaineering objective but I also do bouldering weekly. I have followed some strenght work out plans before but I would say I am quite a beginner on max strength workouts.

    I definitely want to pick pull-ups as before the transition period I wasn’t able to do any pull-ups until the last session when I was able to do three in a row. So I want to keep practising those. I was wondering if I could follow the Special Strength Program used for Pull-ups during the max workout sessions?

    What would you recommend for second exercises for arms in addition to the pull-ups?

    For legs, I am debating between box-step ups and split bench squat. Then I would like to do squat but I am wondering whether back squat would be better than front squat for the max strength as I am not sure whether I can hold enough weights on my arms in front squats. Also, my mobility does not allow me to do the overhead squat (I am working on it though!).

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    kurej.tomas on #32583

    Hi,I’m in the last week of max strength training in the base period.

    My exercise are:

    – Bulgarian split sq with barbell
    – weighted pull ups
    – weighted dips

    As warm up I’m doing Scott’s Killer Core Routine.

    Jim Prager on #32638

    Hi Susan,

    Since you’re training for mountaineering, I would consider focusing on single-leg exercises rather than the squat for your max strength period. For mountaineering, I typically use box steps as one and either split bench squat or lunges as the second one.

    For upper body, I usually include pull-ups as one and either dips or inclined pull-ups as the second. Though if you feel bouldering is enough inclined pulling, maybe substitute push-ups instead.


    Anonymous on #32696


    To make your training time the most productive here are my recommended exercises:

    For mountaineering use the box step up and split bench squat (rear foot on bench). 2 legged lifts like conventional squats (front, back, OH) do not transfer well to mountain sports. You need to develop good single leg strength and stability.

    For your bouldering I would recommend following the Special Pull Up Progression laid out in TftNA book on page 228. I’ve used this with dozens of athletes and seen great gains every time. The only modification I’d suggest is to do 2-3 warm up sets before the max sets.

    Warm up with a light aerobic activity for 10 min then some core exercises.


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