Personal best at mountain trail race. Quads are still in pain..

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    First of all i would like to thank everyone for the advice i got on this forum.

    Three days ago On Sunday i did a 22km mountain race with 1650m+ of elevation at the foothills of mount Olympus in Greece. I started training in August and my training was based on the TFTUA book.

    I Managed to achieve my goal which was to first to break my previous time in 2017 that was 03:52. I managed to finish in 03:16 !So i believe 35min faster is an improvement. I’m happy with that. This was the third time i had run this race the first being in 2016. My time then when 03:58.

    I first followed a pre-base program in August and then i started a base program incorporating muscle endurance workouts(indoor, outdoor). I then moved to zone 3 and zone 4 workouts and short hill sprints. I did the zone 4 workouts mostly on uphills. I did some long runs on mountain terrain. My long runs were 16-20km with elevation gain 700m to 1200m the longest. My peak weeks were around 60-70km with 1500-2000m+

    However i didn’t feel as good when i finished because my legs were starting to feel off from the 14km until the end. My quads were completely trashed and i had to walk some parts which i would normally run. Allot of athletes were passing me towards the end too. So i believe that i either should have paced myself a bit better in the first part of the race or i have poor muscle endurance that i have to further develop.. Also 3 days after and my quads are still in pain.

    Again thank you all for the feedback here.


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    TerryLui on #34231

    Hi Steve,
    Congrats on achieving your goal and a personal best!!

    Considering you were in a race, it’s likely you pushed your limits more than you would during training (i.e. personal best), not to mention the psychological factor of being in a busy/exciting competitive environment.

    Anonymous on #34325

    We have found the gym ME workout progression explained in this article (near the end) is very effective for making your legs like steel springs that are much more fatigue resistant.

    I have used it with many of the runners I coach. The down hills were what trashed you legs. This will fix that.


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