Percentage of workout in AET to be effective

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    I do a lot of mountaineering and hiking with a heavy pack for work. Each outing is 3+ hours at a time. I try to stay under my AeT but a lot of the times in just not possible with 40+lbs and the terrain. If my workout is >50% in AeT is that helping with my base or not since there other half is above?

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    Shashi on #53377

    If you don’t mind, can you share your AeT/AnT? Also, what does your weekly training look like? and are you training for a climb/expedition?

    TerryLui on #53416

    Correct me if I’m wrong but 75% comes to mind…?

    Anonymous on #55274

    Also, are you a guide?

    It’s tricky for guides to build high-level fitness. Their work is long enough to be tiring, but not fast enough (with clients) to build speed. Plus, carrying a heavy pack will also hamper speed development. So real training time for guides usually has to be scheduled in-between work trips and allowing for a recovery period on either end.

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