Peaking at September for a 140km race

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    Hi all,

    I’m planning the incoming season with only one goal trail running race that will take place in September 2023: 140km with 10000m D+ on the italian Alps.
    My copy of TFUA book (which I really can’t recommend enough to anyone!) suggests a rough plan for this kind of season, basically starting with base work for a few months, then gradually introducing intensity.

    But for these kind of long races, there seems to be a fair amount of coaches who prescribe inverted plans, where the high intensity work is mostly done now in winter, and then progressively discarded when approaching the race, in favor to more race specific work (which in this case, consists of very long Z2 runs).

    I would be curios to hear your point of view about the two strategies, as they seem to be very very different. I’m about to start and need to decide which way to follow.

    Thank you!

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    Dada on #74972

    I’m a big fan of inverted. I personally would do exactly this for exactly the reason you mentioned.

    One thing: I would always keep the VO2max phase now highly polarized and the Z3 phase as pyramidal as possible.


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