Peak in heart rate at beginning of run

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    Hi Everyone,

    I experience in some of my runs a very high heart rate (sometimes close to max) in the first 5-10 min of a run even I run easy pace. I use a chest strap and I’m pretty sure it’s not a device issue.

    I have the feeling I occurs especially when it’s colder outside and I had a busy day or was in a hurry to get out for a run.

    After maybe 10min the heart rate goes back to normal level and I can continue as usual.

    Any idea where this comes from? Can I just ignore it? Is there any warm up routine to help it?


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    Dada on #52849

    I found this article helpful for a similar problem:

    blase.reardon on #52869

    I’ve had a similar issue lately, as I return to running. Some of it may be a drain clogging issue. I can feel that happening and slow down.

    Some if it seems like a device issue. For instance, my TP data for a run a few days ago shows HR reaching over 200 bpm shortly after I started. I’m a 57-y.o. man, with a long history of training. And there’s no way that was actually my HR. I’d be dead. Similarly, when stopped, I watched my HR rise to 167 bpm, which is Z5. I wasn’t breathing hard, and my carotid pulse was nowhere near 3x/sec. IOW, the HR is decoupled from effort.

    My HR locks into the 130s – below my AeT – after about 15 minutes of a warmup walk, slow jog, and then steady effort at a pace I know is easy. It varies appropriately with terrain and effort. Until I pull off a shirt, and then it all spikes again.

    I’d basically ignore it, except it effs up my TP data – showing Z5 and max HR that aren’t real.

    I wish I could figure out what the issue is. It doesn’t happen with other activities – ski touring, biking, hiking.

    Anyone have similar issues? Suunto ANT chest monitor w Ambit2.

    Shashi on #52872

    Dada – thanks for sharing the link.

    Here is another topic with similar discussion that has input from Scott Semple.

    Matthias on #52902

    Hi Dada,

    thanks for the link. I´m not sure if that’s the main reason, since I really start easy into my runs. I’m talking about a pace 1:30min slower then my 10k peace. Normally that’s at less then 75% then my max. HR. I think there should be very little lactat build up at this pace.

    Matthias on #52903

    Hi Shashi,

    I think this could be the reason. By searching a bit further I found following articel:

    But what do you guys do as a warm up? So far I always just started running at Z1 for a while before going to any intensity.

    r.j.hammond345 on #52909

    Suunto chest strap is a stinker. Mine work well for up to 6 months then gradually start to produce hr readings 40/50 beats above actual when running downhill. From then on they just get worse.

    My last Suunto strap was wrong from brand new. Just spent £80 on a Polar strap and it is perfect. I will warranty the Suunto and keep as a spare.

    blase.reardon on #52935

    Thanks, RJH. Def disconnected from effort too much of the time. I didn’t realize the Polar HRMs were an option. I think they’ll sync with my Ambit 2. I’ll give that a try.

    Anonymous on #55131

    You may have solved this already, but my first thought was a sensor issue. Are you wetting the strap? Another good option is to try aloe gel on the sensor pads.

    blase.reardon on #55147

    Thanks, Scott. Solved w better (walking/ short jogs) warmup to avoid clogging the pipes. And switching to a polar HRM, as rjh suggested above. Zero trouble since the switch.

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