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    Edgar Carby

    Is there a PDF or other written form of the Chamonix sequence and progression out there?

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    MarkPostle on #60973

    Edgar- We don’t have a PDF at the moment, the goal of the video led workouts was among other things in response to feed back for a video led workout instead of written or PDF descriptions which are hard for folks if they are unfamiliar with the movements. It seems maybe both formats are ideal in case folks are off line etc. I’ll mention the idea to Steve.

    Justin Jones on #61157

    My biggest issues with the videos is that they quickly exemplify a movement, do it, then move on without much actual attention to repetition of the movement or creating a workout built around sets. It honestly gives me anxiety doing it cause before I can refine a movement we’re moving on and then doing the next movement badly. I feel like it’d be better to have fewer movements, broken down into repeatable sets so as to get better quality out of the movements.

    That being said I’ve worked with my personal trainer on these types of workouts using the Chamonix videos as inspiration. She knows a lot more about where I’m at right now, where my deficiencies are and how I’m progressing. I’ve found it helpful.

    Steve House on #61166

    Justin-Very soon (hopefully next week) we will have a simplified CMF workout. Hopefully that will address your (very valid) concerns.

    Justin Jones on #61327

    Great to hear!

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