Passed my PhD! Moving to Austria!

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    After 5 long years of study I finally passed my PhD and became Dr yesterday! My PhD was in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, specifically focusing on the gut and how it responds to heat and exercise.

    Such a relief to have it finished. Now I can look forward to the next chapter, taking up a role with Red Bull in Austria! I’m really looking forward to being able to do some snow sports, particularly XC skiing and alpine climbs – just not enough of that here in the UK.

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    Anonymous on #46013

    Good luck with the next chapter. (I’ll be curious to hear how Red Bull reacts to a structured, polarized approach to endurance.)

    sgw on #46061

    Congratulations and a “welcome to Austria” in advance 😉

    I assume you go to Salzburg? Greetings from lower austria … I hope you will enjoy the mountains here.

    Dada on #46080

    Congrats, Dr. Stephen!

    Salzburg is very cool for the things you wanna do!

    I live in Munich and my parents life at lake Chiemsee (25min to Salzburg), so I know what you will enjoy the next years!

    Best regards

    Dr. Dada

    stephensmith on #46289

    Thank you! Yes, Salzburg, but will be exploring Austria. Would be good to meet up with fellow forum members who are willing to show me around!

    stephensmith on #46290

    Thank you!

    Marion on #46449

    Welcome to my hood??
    You will find mountains for every occasion, soft hike to most difficult rock climbing. And plenty of snow, for sure. Usually not in the city but within less than an hour drive.

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