Partial or Full Knee Replacement – and Mountains

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    Well – after 7 months of various treatments – cortisone, 3 sessions of PRP – I’m headed to knee replacement. It is not functional, painful to walk, and the cartlige is not going to heal. Coming up to 67 I have lots of miles on the knee and want to keep active – climb, ski, mt bike. I’m interested in if you have had a partial or full knee replacement and you adventures.

    Have a ortho consult coming up to discuss the options. Thanks

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #75135

    Sorry for the late reply.
    Did you already get surgery? How are you doing?
    I’m happy to help if you have any questions.


    jimkeany on #75137

    Thanks so much. Interestingly, the first of two surgeons I planned to consult, very highly recommended, sat me down and went over my MRI and told me my issue is a torn meniscus that was missed by the radiology analyst. I had a meniscus trim on my other knee years ago and though this felt the same way. So after all that, in process of scheduling the meniscus cleanup. Oye.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #75141

    That’s good news! So I hope you get the surgery soon.

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