Pacing 50 miles 14 weeks from goal race

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    I will be pacing my girlfriend for her first 100 mile attempt 14 weeks out from my goal race. I’m doing the Mike Foote Big Vert plan, and I was already running 60-70 miles per week average roughly 6 weeks prior to starting the plan. I can either pace her for 25 miles or 50 miles. Assuming I will be in Z2 the entire time, would there be any benefit or detriment to my own training if I do 50 miles? Bad idea? It’s a relatively flat race and I would end up with 2700 feet of gain over 50. How should I adjust my training before and after her race?

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    Brett on #36554

    I should mention that my goal race is 100 miles.

    Anonymous on #36556

    With your training base, I think you can for sure use this pacing race as a good long workout built into your plan. Sort of like a B-C race. I’d taper for one week going into it, cutting volume 50% and drop any strength training, including any ME. Be sure to recovery adequately afterwards. Add some swim days in the week following to speed recovery.


    Brett on #36658

    Thank you!

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