Overtraining vs fatigue

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    So I’ve just got back into training. I have stayed in what I believe to be zone 1 and mostly zone 2 workouts. According to my watch this past week I’ve averaged about an hour a day. I’m 67 . Yesterday I did a zone 2 workout on the treadmill and felt fine. My wife came and woke me up this morning and it was after 11:00 am and I was still sound asleep. I never sleep this late. Is this normal or should I back off volume a little ? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. – Pill

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    Cory from Wisconsin on #69944

    Sounds like fatigue to me. When I jump into a plan after an extended break it always takes me a bit to adjust and I can generally feel the fatigue take hold after a week or two of accumulated work outs. Then as I progress it lessens, but I can still feel the fatigue accumulating by the time I get to a easy week – proving the need to cut back from time to time allowing the body to catch up.

    Pill on #69947

    Thanks Cory, I guess it’s accumulated fatigue . I took a couple of days off and feel fine . I plan on readjusting my volume downward and spending a little more time building capacity. Appreciate your thoughts.

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