Overtraining, losing fitness, just old?

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    Looking for some input

    Mondays are my long training hike and the past 2 Mondays on hikes I do regularly I have felt like shit mentally and physically, and my legs have been heavy

    I only do Z1/Z2 training and my pack is less than 10 lbs.

    This is my schedule:

    Long hike, usually 3 hours up AeT the entire climb, 2-3 hours down below recovery HR.
    Our trails are all loose rocks so I don’t make up much time on the way down -3000-4200 AEG

    2 1 hour strength trainings. These are not hyper intense as I only do non technical hiking.

    2 base training days, 1 outside basically flat hike 90 minutes AeT, 1 treadmill 15% grade about 60 minutes for about 1500 ft gain

    1 recovery day, I usually do a 75 min hot yoga session

    1 rest day.

    I tried to use the TrainingPeaks app, but I just figured out the TSS and I had garbage in for my thresholds etc. I have corrected that as of today.

    Am I overdoing it and if so what adjustments?

    Am I just too old for this type of training? I’ve been training for about 6 months and recreating for about 5 years but prior I was just a blob.

    My nutrition is pretty solid so I don’t think that’s a factor

    Is it possible that I am losing fitness?


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    Emil on #46121

    Do you periodize the mesocycle (down weeks)? Or some extra life stress appeared of late? Maybe add some easy short aerobic activity instead of the hot yoga, and possibly on the rest day? Drop the strength sessions for a week?

    Anonymous on #47771

    I agree with Emil.

    Ten hours per week could be too much if you just started training six months ago. It sounds like you need a break in the short-term and maybe lower volume in the medium-term.

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