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    Is it possible to overtrain if all of your training hours are in Zone 1 or 2? If all of your hours are in these zones does a non elite level trainee (housewife)?need to be concerned with too many training hours?

    I understand I can still be fatigued but I’m curious about “real” overtraining, that can cause overtraining syndrome.


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    Good question. Keep in mind that overtraining is not just about ’overtraining’ as a standalone issue. Overtraining syndrome results from a chronic state where the cumulative total of all stresses is greater relative to recovery – this includes the actual training, but also all other life stresses in relation to the recovery, which would include sleep quantity and quality and nutrition. Fatigue from a harder/longer run or during a particular training block with higher volume or intensity is normal, but when this is a chronic state then there can be problems. Which I had the joy of experiencing for a large part of 2021. Just keep in mind to insure adequate recovery day-to-day, but also with regular periods of recovery.

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