Outdoor Heart Rate Drift and Training Peaks

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    Elliot Quinn

    Hi All,

    I have had a few attempts at the Heart Rate Drift test recently and have a couple of questions. I have followed the steps outlined in the article “Heart Rate Drift: A Functional Measure of Fitness” and had some mixed results.

    I am 29 and I am reasonably new to structured training, but have been running regularly for the last year and usually have a long day in the mountains each weekend climbing here in Scotland.

    last week I went an run for 1hr 8 mins at an average Hr of 140 bpm. I started at a Hr of 137. Training peaks shows entire workout Pa:Hr of 6.84% but if I take the first kilometre out of the data set and consider this a warm up I get a Pa:Hr of 3.71%. Am I right to take out this first km as I feel it is skewing the data as it was completed at a higher pace than rest of the run.

    I am just back from another 1hr run round the same loop at an average Hr of 137 bpm, starting Hr was 135 and got a Pa:Hr of 8.91% , again if I take out the first km I get a Pa:Hr of 5.82%.

    my question is am I above my AeT at 140bpm which I am currently using as my top of Zone 2? I am still to carry out a AnT test and will then figure out if I am ADS but I am guessing I am.



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    OwenFW on #40384

    The AeT test protocol calls for a 10-15 minute warmup before starting the test.

    Elliot Quinn on #40385

    Hi Owen , i hadn’t warmed up for the full 15 minutes , maybe between 5 and 10. That’s why I was thinking I should exclude the 1st kilometre from the data set ?

    Elliot Quinn on #40591

    Got test result of 2.38% yesterday on same circuit. Key was to do a full warm up of 15-20 mins and start and stop the recording after around 1 hour at the exact same spot on the circuit.

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