Out of 'Climbing Retirement' – Back to Training!

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    This is my first post and I want to thank Steve House and Scott Johnson for writing “The New Alpinism”. It’s inspired me to begin the transition phase to training again. Without “The New Alpinism” I had no idea how to get back into alpinism, no idea even where to start training again.

    A little background, I stopped climbing after getting married and having a daughter–eighteen years ago. Prior to that I lived for climbing, comfortably leading 5.11 trad, WI4, and doing 20 mile ‘day hikes’ in the mountains.

    But, alas, now I’m turning 55 with all the maladies that come at the tail-end of middle age. The spirit is willing but the body is weaker.

    I’ve signed up for Training Peaks (a real eye opener), and will finish my transitional phase in two weeks to start on a long base-building phase. This year’s goals are modest: do a few long, moderate rock climbs at 5.4, snow climb Shastina and Mt. Shasta in separate trips. What more could I ask for?

    While it’s hard to see what is possible in the future, I’m absolutely thrilled at the prospect of getting back into the mountains again.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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    Welcome to UA!

    Glad to have you back in the climbing fold. Take it gradually and avoid injury, more so now than when you were young.


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