Out of breath at lower HR than usual

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    I’m at the end of the 24w program so I’m doing the longer muscular endurance sessions (3-4h with a pack).

    Today I did a longer session (4h) with a pack and I noticed that I got out of breath at a much lower HR than usual. I had to do the entire session (which went well, otherwise) around 15 beats lower than AeT to keep it “conversational”.

    I’ve noticed this happened a couple of times before but I’m trying to understand the general principles why this can happen. The day prior I did another long session in the evening, I normally do the sessions in the morning, so had half a day less rest before todays session. I guess that’s a contributing factor, but how should I interpret this result?

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    Ventilation is the best real time indication of your metabolic state for field testing. Increased ventilation depth and rate indicates you are needing to blow off more CO2. As mentioned in our book and an several articles on the website that Aerobic Threshold and entire aerobic metabolic response to exercise varies daily depending upon recovery status. Having done a long session that no doubt depleted you glycogen stores just 12-16 hours prior had the obvious effect of lowering the AeT HR substantial. Basically, you had not fully recovered from the previous session.


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