Our philosophy is becoming mainstream…..finally

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    Seth Keena-Levin on #62715

    Nice. And, 3x UA was linked from Mountain Tactical’s article… that’s like paying us from ones own advert budget.

    Something I noted and think we should be careful of: Rob uses maybe an unintentional exaggeration bolstering aerobic-level training: (under “The Science” “..This means the individual’s glycogen stores won’t get burned…” glycogen not being burned is incorrect.

    Glycogen is not burned as readily as it would if one were above AeT/not as aerobically developed, but its still being burned (its always being burned.) I think we want to be careful about being imprecise about such things because such things can be misconstrued as ‘false advertising’ and make us look like hucksters.

    Obviously not blaming UA or Scott but wanted to highlight something that is a potential pain in the ass/ damaging. Think twice before using absolutes — they never really exist… ALWAYS!! 😛

    Anonymous on #62960

    Good catch Seth:

    Glycogen sparing wold be the correct way to think of aerobic base training.


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