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    Richard Draves

    How will my other physical activity fit with training? For example, I usually play tennis 3-5x/week, I wake-surf several times a week (well less frequently in winter), I expect to ski 40+ days this coming season (some mix of lift and BC), I enjoy skate skiing, the occasional gym climbing session, etc.

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    MalibuBill on #59515

    First, I want to thank the coaches for referring to all of us, even me, as athletes. I’ll be 75 in June and I assure you I’ve never “heard” myself, in that 3/4 of a century, so characterized before. For good reasons. I appreciate it.

    I swim 3 mornings/week – actually it would be better characterized as being in the pool at the same time as some real swimmers who are LA County beach lifeguards with resting HRs in the 30s and I usually manage around 70% (2100-2300 yards short course) of what they’re able to do (2800-3000). I suspect that neither the chest strap monitor I was given nor the damn watch I bought (I’m getting better with it) are truly water tight so cannot even guess as to my HR while in the pool.

    I know it may not be much to go on but is this swimming likely to interfere with the progress I hope to make in this course?

    Thanks again coaches. My tech frustration does not apply in any way to you guys.

    Nate Emerson on #59519

    @Bill With a primary goal of improving aerobic fitness, swimming can be a great adjunct workout as long as you keep the intensity low. To support the mountaineering goal of improving your aerobic base, you’ll want to focus on distance at an easier intensity.
    Swimming is a great way to add aerobic training volume without the extra pounding on your legs. Bill- your device will work in the pool. A chest strap is recommended- just check to make sure the chest strap is designed for it.
    Many GPS HR watches can be used in a pool. Please check with the manufacturer to be sure. For athletes whose wrist monitor isn’t designed for swimming, certain chest strap models are designed to record and store a workout so you can sync it to your watch later.
    If you want to track swim workouts, make sure that you’ve set up the correct pool size / length in your device. Of course, make sure that you are actually selecting a swim activity. Some devices automatically pause when you rest between sets. You may have to enable this feature depending on what watch you have. Again, check with the manufacturer.

    It’s great to have another athlete in their 70’s training with Uphill Athlete! I’m sure that Art Muir has recalibrated how many people look at athletes in their 70’s.

    It’s important to view yourself as an athlete:
    IMO – Your *identity* is far more important than *goal-setting*. If you consider yourself a “mountaineer”, an “athlete”, and a “climber”, then it’s far more likely that you’ll take ownership of your training process and all the lifestyle choices to succeed on your goals. Goal-setting doesn’t directly connect an individual with the responsibility to train properly. But if you consider yourself an “athlete”, then you will hold yourself more accountable for your training and lifestyle choices. If you already believe that you are the person you want to be, then it’s a lot easier to make the right choices to support your training and achieve your goals.

    MalibuBill on #59523

    Thanks Nate. My particular strap has a monitor that is mechanically suspect – it’s not a design problem, but a wear problem. I’ll get one for swimming. I’ve now checked and the Garmin Forerunneer 245 is rated to 5 ATM meaning it should withstand the short course (25 yd) pool. So far my $10 Timex has been waterproof but all I use it for is to check the time in case I have an early appointment. It will be interesting to see if I have to swim slower (more than one of my wonderful cohorts in that activity would advise you that might not be possible) to maintain an HR at the level needed for this course.

    I do appreciate your encouraging remarks. I HAVE called myself a mountaineer in the past and still do. After all, I have only 14 8k peaks to complete.

    Art Muir is the most impressive and inspirational Muir since John. I’ve been aware of Art for some time but have not yet read his story. He’s way beyond weekend warrior, obviously.

    Thanks again for the encouragement and all your time you’ve devoted to me and the others.

    Moiez K on #70982

    I like lifting weights 2-3 days a week in the gym (otherwise I look “skinny-fat”) and do indoor rock climbing once a week. Would I be able to incorporate those with the group Plan? When I did the 24-week Plan on my own, it was difficult to do that.

    I will drop my tennis in the middle of October so I can focus on the group Plan.


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