Online Uphill Athlete training zone calculator

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    Zuko on #39571

    This is really cool! Great job.

    I don’t know my max heart rate, many other people don’t test for it if they’re using UA. can you change the website so it can create the zones without max HR?

    Anonymous on #39573

    Nicely done!

    One other tweak I would suggest is to remove the ADS link when the spread is less than 10%. For example, in this case, the ADS link could be confusing:

    ADS Notice

    That’ll be very helpful. I’ll forward this to our other coaches.

    simonnordberg on #39575

    I added the possibility to enter 0 for unknown max heart rate and it will simply put “Max” in the zone breakdown.

    Also, the ADS link is now only shown if applicable.

    Thanks for the input! Let me know how it works out.

    Anonymous on #39580


    Thanks so much for putting this together for all of our users. I’m sure many people will get benefit from having that. Can I suggest that you change slightly the automatic message that is displayed with one has an AeT to AnT of more than 10%. Currently it recommends more training in Z1. In our experience, those with ADS can get best results by training mostly in Z2 (just under AeT). At this intensity, for these folks, this will still feel like very easy training.

    Also I would like to send you some UA merchandise. Please email me at with your t-shirt size and address.

    Thanks again for your great work.

    simonnordberg on #39583

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I’ve adjusted the recommendations accordingly to better reflect and emphasize Z2.

    Let me know if there’s anything else you think should be changed or added.


    samtugwell on #39606

    Hi, good work – you could add a homemade drift test calculator to determine AET.

    I made a quick one in Excel as I don’t have premium Training Peaks, I’ll try and attach it. I had been meaning to share it but wasn’t sure – you have spurred me on 🙂

    For info I turn off the auto lap on my Garmin, do my warm up and press lap manually, then do half the test and press lap again, then again at the end to start cool down. This keeps it in one activity. You don’t need to fill out the warm up and cool down, they are just info fields.

    I’m sure you can format it much better if you want to put it on your site.

    Intereseted to see if this would give the same results as the Training peaks analysis.


    simonnordberg on #39670

    Thanks for your suggestion and spreadsheet, Sam! I’ll review the spreadsheet to see if and how it can be incorporated into a companion app on the site.


    Steve B on #39675


    Thank you. Apparently my zones have been WAY off. The good news is that I have been skewing lower, which still isn’t ideal but it’s better than digging a hole.

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