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    Hi all,

    I recently wanted to re-test my aerobic threshold, but my training peaks trial ran out. I decided to make the most of all my newly-found time at home and made a tool to calculate cardiac drift from a workout.

    In case anyone else has a use for it, here it is online:

    Drop a TCX file from your last AeT test run onto the page. It will plot your effort, then you can select the area over which to calculate Pa:Hr drift. As far as I understand, if you get a drift value close to 5%, you ran close to AeT. A value much above 5% means you ran faster than AeT, and a value much below 5% means you ran below AeT.

    Let me know if it needs improvements! I’ve only tested with Garmin and Fitbit files.

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    namasteybhaisab on #70615

    Hi @moncherwatson
    Thanks a ton for creating this tool.
    My drift% is 0.5% but my average heart rate during this run is 147 bpm.
    How should I decipher all this info? Any comments you might have?
    Just to give the complete information, this was recorded using just the Garmin Instinct Solar. No chest heart rate monitor was used.

    Thanks again for all your effort on this.

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