Oly Mons Cube Crampon Compatibility

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    In the recent video by Mark Postle on Denali gear he shows the new Oly Mons Cube with a set of automatic Sabertooth crampons. I recently got the new Cubes and my same Sabertooths don’t work with the boot. Yes I do have both the wide and narrow bails and tried them. The problem is the sole is so thick the bail is not tall enough. So I tried the bail off my G14s. It worked but despite using the farthest back holes it still puts the boot too far forward on the crampon. I also tried the semi automatic version. Yes you can kinda get the boot on there but you should see the huge gap at the boot/frame interface, leaves me with no confidence. Has anybody else successfully fitted a Sabertooth crampon to the new Cubes (or any crampon)? If yes can you post a pick and tell me how you did it? BTW I would like to ask Mark directly if anybody knows how to contact him. Thanks

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    Anonymous on #53582

    Mark is on Everest right now, so it’ll be a while before he’s available.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with that boot.

    Canyon Monkey on #54492

    I have the same boots and crampons. I had to buy the bigger toe bails from Black Diamond and swap them out. Fits great now.

    bbarlin10 on #54493

    Thanks for the reply. Is there anyway that you could post a picture showing a couple of angles of the boot/crampon together? Thanks

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