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    J R

    1- If I am doing a workout (without a heart monitor let’s say) and I am nose breathing the whole time, am I by default exercising below AeT, or in Zone 1 or Zone 2?

    Such as doing stair climbing and able to nose breathe during the ascents.

    2- also, does the status of my nostrils affect what Zone I can elevate to in my exercise? Such as whether varying degrees of sinus congestion, or using a Breathright strip…..will these affect the zone nose breathing will limit?

    3- and especially, would using a Breathright strip alter testing for the zones using nose breathing as the measure?


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    Anonymous on #28007

    “Without a heart rate monitor” is not allowed. 🙂

    1) We’ve moved away from the nose breathing idea because people new to training can still nose breathe above aerobic threshold. It works for athletes with a long training history and a big base. But it won’t work for those new to training or coming from a predominantly high-intensity background.

    2) Yes, for sure. If you have sinus issues–infection, injury, etc–it won’t work for anyone.

    Better than the nose limiter is a drift test.

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