No symptoms, good chance of exposure, awaiting test results. Stop training?

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    Pretty much per title–no real obvious symptoms, feel fine, but had second-degree close contact (i.e., close contact with a guy who had close contact) with a confirmed case, early season base/transition with effectively no high intensity. Keep training or shut it down?

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #46545

    Hi dcgm!

    when was the contact?
    I would continue with the training, but not do big workouts for a week after the contact. And be extra carefull and stop as soon as you have any symptoms.


    Thomas Summer, MD on #46548

    …if you get a positive result from the test, I would continue with only easy training for 2 weeks. Of course only, if you don’t have any symptoms!

    dcgm on #46551

    Thanks. Contact probably every day 27 October – 3 November. As far as I know, neither the contact nor I have noticed symptoms yet, so we might be OK, but definitely isolating pending test results and/or symptoms for now.

    Emil on #46552

    Easy training for about a week. Boosts immune system, and you will know in about that time if you do have symptoms. Consult a proper doctor though as I am no expert.

    fitness28 on #46751

    good luck!

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