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Next Training Plan After 16 Wk SkiMo Plan

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    I’m finishing the 16 week beginner/intermediate skimo racing plan and wondering if there’s any reason not to start with the 12 week Freeride Training Plan. Obviously, I’m trying to get stronger for backcountry ski season.
    I tolerated the SkiMo plan pretty well, saw tremendous gains in mileage, mile pace, gym strength, and faster recovery times, and have found a work/life balance. A week off then into the Freeride plan sound ok? That would put me finishing the 12 weeks around Thanksgiving, which could be perfect for N.E. skiing, touch wood.

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    You could do the Freeride plan or you could simply repeat the one you have but up the volume and and add more weight to the strength and ME workouts. That’s take you into December and should set you up well for a great ski season. And you already own that plan.


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