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    I know this is a really basic question BUT I am on my 2nd wk of transition period training and am having a really hard time *not* going over the guidelines, which I wonder if I’m interpreting incorrectly

    I am a working professional so I took the estimation of 200 hrs a year, halved it, and then divided by 52, getting 115-120 mins a week of training.

    Between a “long” 40min zone 1 work out, 2 25 minute strength/core sessions, and a 15min zone 2 workout, I am almost at my weekly “goal” without even doing a climb.

    Is the climb supposed to be separate from the other training hours?

    I have a 6 hour hike planned next Sat and another 4 or or so one on Sunday, so I am going to go over my time right there!!

    Any thoughts on how to best incorporate this training practice while I still have long hikes planned for many weekends?

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    Anonymous on #16775

    Sorry for the confusion. Count only the aerobic training volume when considering weekly volume progression. Not strength. That subject has been addressed several times in the forum and was corrected in later versions of the book. BUT….the Transition period should feel easy. Its main purpose is to prepare you to begin training. For those unused to training (as opposed to random exercise) the routine of a daily program usually presents challenges. Fatigue can sneak up after a few weeks fo what feels like a light load. And the getting used to the daily routine can take some getting used to for you, friends and family.

    In the end though, with no training history to go from you will be doing an experiment of one and you will learn a great deal in the process. It may well be that your background would allow more training volume that the guesstimate we used in the book. We tried to be conservative as starting off too high is way worse than starting off too high and blowing up.

    Your 6 hour hikes do not fit into the sort of transition period plan for a 200 hour year. Only 40 days of this sort of hike puts you at 240 hours with no other training. Maybe your base is already quite high such that you do not need a Transition period. I suspect you may be starting at too low of a volume

    Remember the 3 cardinal components of an effective training program: Continuity (no significant breaks). Gradualness (the load gradually progresses up). Modulation (there needs to hard/easy built in)

    You may want to read this
    and this

    Capacity Training vs Utilization Training

    Training requires a long term view with a reduction in immediate gratification. When Steve was working with me during the hey day of his career his friend stopped calling him to climb because he would often say: “I’d love to climb but I have to train”

    I hope this helps.


    kocanez on #16811

    Thanks Scott; I’ve done some more reading since your response.

    I am finishing up a winter hiking program w/the AMC the weekend after next, ending w a climb up Mt Washington in NH. I wanted to start your training program as soon as I read enough to put it together, but I have had long hikes planned almost every weekend. Will try to tone it down a bit after that!

    I am one of those M-F weekend warriors; I live 2-3 hrs away from the mountains and it’s hard not to run up north and hike hard every chance I get.

    I think you might be right about upping my training volume. I haven’t been doing a lot of “gym”/training exercise over the past year (0-2 days of moderate to vigorous cardio during the week), but in the summer and fall I did 6 hr+ hikes in the White Mtns on more than half weekends, and I have been doing 5-6 hr hikes most weekends since around mid December. Past winters I haven’t done any hiking.

    Do you think bumping it up to 250 hrs to start is reasonable?

    Thanks for your feedback and your book/forum! Great resources!

    CanadianDude on #16823

    Thank you so much. I just joined this site with the same question in mind…it makes a lot more sense !

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