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    Greetings! I almost hijacked the New Fatherhood and Training thread, but decided I should start another. My husband and I have had the privilege of climbing together the last 12 years, but now it is time to start a family. I am currently 24 weeks, and I would love to glean insight from the collective on how you have worked to juggle it all. On the previous thread there were some incredible ideas, but it mainly focused on only one of the couple being an athlete/climber. Are there any other insights for either new motherhood and training, or for couples who love to do these high mountain exploits together?

    PS. The most expensive item on our registry is a Deuter child carrier backpack. 🙂

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    Anonymous on #9902

    Two immediate thoughts:

    * I think it’d be useful to hijack the original thread. Then all of the parenting comments would be in one place;
    * If you and your spouse are on the same plan, then I think you have a HUGE advantage. Everything mentioned in the Fatherhood thread will have less of an impact or, more likely, a more tolerable impact.

    Anonymous on #9928

    I can’t even take care of house plants let alone a child so I will leave it to others who are more qualified to answer this.


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    Hey. I chimed in on the other “parenting” thread, so I might as well chime in here too. (I agree that it might make sense to condense the threads).

    So one device that I found invaluable was a jogging strollers–a stroller robust enough, and with a hand brake, so that you can take it running. I really put in some miles with that stroller, and not just training, but getting around town. The biomechanics of running with a stroller are a little different (you don’t swing your arms, or you swing one arm at a time) but if you get the stroller on a grade, you can get a really good workout, especially as your child grows older/heavier!

    Our backpack carrier worked well for walking/hiking but it also worked well carrying around in the house doing chores, cooking, and so on. Our daughter used to like to sleep in it. Sometimes, I wore it for hours, as I just went about my day.

    If you’re a climber, bouldering halls can work well–your child can crawl around on the matts, annoying other climbers, while you and your partner alternate burns on routes.

    And as I said before…anything you can do to set up a home gym, home climbing wall, home exercise bike, home pull up bar, whatever, will be hugely helpful.

    Just a general comment, I spent, and still spend, a huge amount of time with my daughter. We joke that I am both the mama and the papa. I work part time, so I am the principal care giver (I don’t really like that term, but it make sense sometimes). I feel so lucky that I have and had this time for my child. It’s definitely the best thing I have ever done, the most rewarding and fulfilling. Once you put in that time, nobody can take it away from you. You become part of your child, your child becomes part of you. And if that happens partially in a backpack carrier, or jogging stroller, all the better! My daughter used to love the speed when running in the stroller–she would laugh with pleasure (if she wasn’t sleeping). Maybe that’s part of the reason she now loves mountain biking and skiing?

    Congrats, and good luck!


    Anonymous on #9941

    I second Bruno’s comments. I stayed at home part-time with our youngest son, and it’s led to a strong bond between us that I’ve been able to build on now that he’s in school.

    On backpack/carriers, I recommend an ErgoBaby. I hated backpack carriers, because the weight was so far up and back from my center of gravity. An ErgoBaby is a reinforced cloth cover, so the child is right against your back. It was much more comfortable, and my son usually fell asleep pretty quick.

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