New paper: nutritional considerations ultra-marathon training and racing

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    Rebecca Dent on #31794

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the link to this new paper, it’s a really informative paper and gives some great nutrition guidance. However I wonder what you made of the hydration guidance?

    I would be cautious to advize 250ml (the upper limit of the recommendation during a race) every 15-20mins and add that amount of sodium (unless it was exercise in the heat). One of the studies they make reference to regarding this recommendation was carried out in extreme heat. This hydration guidance I feel conflicts the guidance in the paper recently published by Dr Martin Hoffman (who is a leader in the field of ultra running research). I have spoken to Dr Martin Hoffman about hydration strategies during an ultra race and the main concern is the possible physiological changes that occur when running ultra distances and that the body starts to retain fluid, therefore drinking to thirst and obtaining sodium from foods is perhaps more applicable to avoid hyponatremia, especially for the slower runners.

    I am at a conference tomorrow where one of the authors of the above paper will be present so I shall speak to him and gain his further thoughts. I will also contact Dr Martin Hoffman and ask for his insights on this also.

    I will report back. Thanks Aaron for sharing a this resource.

    Rebecca Uphill Athlete Dietitian

    Aaron on #31812

    I don’t feel informed enough to have a useful opinion though 1L/hr + electrolyte seems large. I have consciously tried to increase my hydration on long efforts ski touring (say 8-16 hours) but even then ~3-5L in my memory seems max (~300-500/hr?) and that is only possible with open water or melting. Running I feel like ~300-500ml/hour is about right too. I sparingly use electrolyte and only for really big efforts and not all day. My climate is relatively cool though, I have no real heat experience.

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