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    I just completed the aerobic threshold test for the 24 week mountaineering program. My Pa:Hr was -1.29% and average heart rate was 154. I was trying to stay between 155 and 160. There was not much elevation change. Do I need to re do the test? I have included my results. I live at 6,000 feet elevation and it was 100 degrees and dry during my run.
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    huzefasid on #69029

    I faced the similar issue. This may be due to incorrect pace information from GPS and variation in HR but I am not certain. I plan to redo the test on treadmill. This way we can keep pace constant.

    rcj on #69077

    I took a quick look and my first thought is that this is exactly what happens in out and back runs for me. I also once tried the test on a flat field, then reversed direction halfway through and got a negative result. You also went on some of the loops you created for the run in both directions, and I wonder if that played into it. My suggestion would be to redo the test and stay going in one direction while also trying not to get too bored by that.

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