Negative Pa:HR results from AeT test. Am I doing it wrong?

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    I tried an AeT test today and got a Pa:HR result of -7.55%

    I was aiming to keep my HR in a the range of 148 to 152 as I was going for an AeT threshold of 150 bpm.

    Using this tool – – I’m getting a different result but it’s still negative. In both the TP and this I have dragged out from after the 17 min warm up I did.

    Have I done something seriously wrong to get a result of less than zero?

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    Shashi on #60621

    Can you make your workout in Training Peaks public and share the link?

    Thank you!

    Anonymous on #60632

    the negative sign means that you ran the second half faster than the first. S0, either the second half had more down hill or you need to increase the starting HR.

    I hope this helps

    GangleAbout on #60634

    Here’s the activity – – AeT test starts at 16.58

    The route I chose was a loop so up and down should be equal as the test physically started and stopped in the same place?

    If I do need to go to a higher heart rate, what should I be aiming for? I chose to try 150bpm as it’s my MAF HR, 180 – 27 – 5 = 148, then rounded to 150 as my asthma is well controlled.

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