Negative drift test results?

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    Hello all. I have just started looking through TftNA and Uphill Athlete, and I am considering starting a training program soon.

    I did the HR drift test this morning, and I got a negative Pa:Hr of -9.79%.

    I wasn’t really sure what to make of this. I am wondering if it could have to do with my relatively unstable HR, which tended to drift around 145 to 155. Is this is an meaningful result that suggests I should try again with a different target? Or do I need to try to maintain a more stable HR in order to get a more useful result?

    (Edit to add that I chose this HR because I was still able to nose breathe and converse, but it felt like it was close to the upper limit of that level of comfort)

    Many thanks for any advice!

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    Shashi on #44927

    Welcome to the forum.

    Here are my thoughts –

    – HR Drift Test is a one-hour test (excluding 15-20 min. warm-up). Your run was for 42 minutes
    – Your initial HR is around 155 (and not stable). I would recommend targeting a lower initial HR and adjusting your pace to maintain HR at this level.

    This article/video has detailed instructions for the HR Drift Test.

    Wish you the best!

    Anonymous on #45162

    I agree with Shashi.

    Also, the speed looks very unstable. There are what seem like stops (at traffic lights, maybe?) You need to keep your speed as steady as possible to get a decent result. So running on the street (unless it’s deserted) won’t be helpful. Use a track or a treadmill instead.

    lawnchair04 on #45425

    Thank you very much for these helpful replies.
    I will have to find a route that has less obstacles (you’re correct Scott, I had to stop at a couple of traffic lights). I think I should be able to run laps on the running path and avoid the stops in the streets.
    I’ll also try at a lower HR.

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