Need more leg strength, incorp into general strength workouts?

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    Reflecting on weak links from my last expeditions (14 days + 28 days), I noticed my glutes suffered from the pack weight (~60lbs on 135lb body weight) and the physical strain pushed me mentally.

    What could I do to best address this weakness prior to my next trip (21 days in the Wind River Rg)?
    Incorporate weighted squats + lunges into the general strength workouts?
    Do more weighted hikes @ ~60lbs? If so should it be in the Specificity weeks?

    Thank you!! 🙂

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    Anonymous on #15347

    Carrying 50% of BW for prolonged periods is not something we are built for. Even pack animals like mules and horses are normally limited to about 15-20% of BW. Just as the horse packers that operate in the winds. They will only put 200ls on a 1000-1500lb animal.

    So you are asking a lot of your body.

    If you have enough time I’d suggest a conventional strength progression of 8-12 weeks of general exercises that focus on glute/legs. Squats, Deadlift, Straight leg DL, Single leg straight leg DL, Split Squat, Lunges and any others. The move to a Max period (use the max strength protocols discussed in our book) of about 8 weeks focusing on the single leg movements. Then give yourself 8 weeks for an ME period of weighted climbs.


    TerryLui on #15365

    Yes I agree the weight is a lot however it is part of the trip (for better or for worse)…
    But your insight and suggestions are much appreciated! thank you 🙂

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