Need help with HR drift test

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    Hi, folks, I can’t seem to achieve a significant enough HR drift when I try doing the test. What am I doing wrong?

    Here are the links to the 3 different tries at different HR (the first graph actually includes two separate tests done on different days). All of these are started after the 15 minute warm-up. I think my mistake in the first two was trying to maintain a constant HR throughout the workout. In the 3rd one I ran based on the overall feel, but the drift is still not that significant, though the Pa:Hr ratio is probably more reasonable.


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    Shashi on #60594

    Your tests seem okay even though they were done at different target heart rates. Did the effort feel easy and relaxed (conversational) for your second test at the initial heart rate of around 145?

    Couple of things that I would recommend –
    – Try doing a longer warm-up and let the heart rate stabilize before starting the test
    – Try to hold your heart rate close to your initial heart rate throughout the test

    dmitmf on #60606

    Thanks, Shashi, for your response.

    145 does seem a bit hard, though I can still sustain a conversation.

    When you say to try holding my hr close to initial through the test: that’s exactly what I did, utilizing my HR monitor.But doesn’t that go against the purpose, how will that produce a drift?

    Shashi on #60608

    Drift takes into account your heart rate as well as the pace. When you try to keep your heart rate steady throughout the test, your pace is likely to change and Pa:Hr in Trainng Peaks will capture that.

    Check this article on Pa:Hr –

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