Need help scaling the BIG VERT plan

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    Need help scaling the BIG VERT plan

    I bought the BIG VERT plan but I need some help figuring out how to scale it to my goal event.
    I seem to remember seeing forum posts about this earlier but I can’t find anything now when I actually need it.

    My goal event is roughly 69 km with 3000 vertical meters.

    If I look at week 2 as an example then the note for the week states that the weekend runs should make up around 60% of the weekly totals. I’ll use the 50 miles number implying that the weekly total should be about 75% of the events total (69km*0.75=51.8km, 3000m*0.75=2250m).

    So far so good.

    – There is nothing in the note for ME workout so I assume that it doesn’t count towards the weekly total.
    – 3xZ1/recovery runs adding 10% each to the weekly distance but not much to the elevation since they should be performed on flat (or gentle) terrain.
    – Warm up and cool down for the hill sprint should count towards the weekly total according to the note. That could be roughly 10% for distance and 5% for elevation (week 2).
    – Long run should be about 50% of the weekly distance/elevation goal.
    – Z2 run should be about 10% of the weekly distance/elevation goal.

    If I’m summing these numbers up then I get 100% of the weekly distance goal but only 65% of the weekly elevation goal. I’m getting similar numbers for most weeks. The distance matches roughly the number in the weekly note but the sum of the individual workouts elevation is often significantly lower.
    What am I missing here?

    Should the Z1/Z2 runs be scaled on time or on the estimated distance?
    For the long run the note (clearly) states that time is merely an indication and that it’s the distance/elevation should define how long the run should be but the note for the Z2 run seems to indicate that the workout should be scaled on time and not on the distance/elevation estimate ==> significantly more distance/elevation than the 10%.
    Should my Z1/recovery run be scaled on distance (10% of 51.8km) or on time (1h)?

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    Jared Casper on #39109

    See this thread for an answer for the first question:

    Andreas on #39386

    Thx Jared,

    That answers the first question. I knew that I read something somewhere before. Just couldn’t find it now when I needed it.

    I’m still interested in if the Z1/recovery/Z2 runs should be scaled on distance or if I should run for the duration listed.
    At this point I’m guessing time but what do I know…
    That must be a lot of people in this forum that have used the plan. What did you guys do?

    Brett on #39389

    I adjust the time based on the mileage recommendation. For example, I’m scheduled to run for 1 hour on Wednesday, but if I look at the description it says ” Total distance should be around 10% of the weekly total”. This week is a 65 mile week, so I will shoot for 6-7 miles for the run and go for however long it takes to get that mileage.

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