Muscular strength vs muscular endurance

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    Hi Guys,

    Simple question, may not be simple answer.

    Looking back over past 10 months of training I feel I need to work on muscles – legs are generally the first to fatigue in long days. It’s probably ME I need to focus on but as I have the time it may be beneficial to do a bit of strength work as well. Can I combine both endurance and strength training in same sessions, or should I split into specific strength exercises for say 6 weeks and then move to endurance exercise for similar or slightly longer period? I plan to start early September for 3-4 months along in parallel with base Z1/Z2 training.


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    Shashi on #43781

    Can I combine both endurance and strength training in same sessions…

    From this article –

    A typical ME progression will include one workout a week and last about six to eight weeks. Due to the duration and heavy muscular loading of these workouts, fitting additional high-intensity training into the week will only be possible for athletes with an extensive background in this sort of high-intensity work. Allow at least three days of easy recovery workouts after each ME workout to start with as you learn how your body reacts to these. As mentioned earlier, you MUST maintain your aerobic base during this period or you will actually de-train. This training block is best used during the late Base Period and into the specific preparation period.

    I am still in Base period, but when I look at Specificity Weeks with ME in my training plan, I see
    – Z3 Weighted Climb once a week and
    – one Strength session for maintenance purpose (half the volume of core/max strength workouts that I am doing now)
    – rest of the days are Z1/Z2 workouts

    Hope this helps.

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