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Muscular endurance

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    The free ME article and PDF, describes that routine as best done once a week. In TFTNA, twice per week are common (e.g. weighted hill climbs). Is there a complimentary activity for this? Would 1x week of weighted hill climbs be good, or sounds like hill sprints pair up with this. The ski touring article paired it with a hill power circuit, which seems somewhat similar?

    re: max strength – ski touring. It calls for 2 minute rest between sets. Is there a rest period between individual sets like the ME above, or do 3×6 frog jumps then rest 2 minutes? move on the the other circuits?

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    Since we do not know the work capacity of folks using the gym ME program you downloaded from our site we definitely try to err on the conservative side of things. For mountaineers and alpinists I’ve coached I have used one weighted carry and one of the gym ME workouts weekly. It all depends on their ability to recover.

    Remember: Training is not the work you do. It is the effect that work has on your body.

    So you will need to be able to asses your own work capacity and where you can handle stacking these workouts into one week while benefiting from them. If your performance does not improve weekly you are doing too much and it is a recovery issue.

    Regarding your comment on ski touring max strength. What plan are you using?


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    I am putting together my own plan. I did your freeride plan last year. I started it about this time of year. I have been using UA format for more than a year while I recovering from ankle an hip surgeries. The ski touring max strength is from the “pre-season ski tour traing”article you all just posted a couple of weeks ago.

    I am midway in the transition period and looking towards how I will roll things out in the base period, so the article gave me some additional food for thought. Thanks for the response and it is as I imagine. I know it has been said to keep the exercises in the ME period the same, for the continuity. What about substituting an exercise in the general strength period for another. I like the addition of the Romanian DL in the max strength example.

    Thanks again-

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