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    I couldn’t really find a solid spot to pose this question so figured I’d give it a try here. I live in the SE and am looking for a good multisport pant. Something with some water resistance that can be used for both hiking and running, essentially something really versatile. I have the prana stretch zion for hiking/casual wear, as well as some running tights and pants but neither of these seem to really fill that true multipurpose role. Will probably spend more time running than hiking. Curious if anyone out there had some good input, thanks!

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    daniel.justice on #62639

    I picked up a couple pair of Arc’Teryx Incendo’s early last summer, and I love them (despite the price tag). I live in Arkansas, and summer trail running is a special kind of misery. They have zero water resistance. I prefer things that shed water quickly instead of trying to stay dry. I trained in them all summer (over 1k miles), and they still look fresh. It’s the only pant I’ve found that is tolerable in the heat. I wish there were more products like it. Simply having any cover at all is the best first-step against bugs, too.

    Leif Godberson on #62659

    Highly recommend the patagonia altiva alpine or light alpine depending on the conditions/temps, when you’re looking for a little more protection than tights or shorts.

    Dan on #62698

    I have a set of the Rab Torque pants that I really like. They’ve worked well for me for running, hiking, and climbing. They’re not a waterproof pant at all, but I think they are DWR treated for some water resistance. They’re not something I’d choose for a full day out in the rain, but they don’t soak up the water and are comfortable enough when wet. I’ve been pretty surprised at how comfortable they are for running, so much so that I often choose them over shorts in warmer weather than I expected.

    sacha.abecassis on #62705

    Hi Tyler!

    I´ve found my go-to pants with the dynafit transalper hybrid pants. I use them on hikes, bike, runs, snowshoeing, etc. Sometimes alone, sometimes with another layer under it.

    They are very versatile , are somewhat windproof and water resistance is not bad. Also they dry sooooo fast it´s impressive. And they are very lightweight.

    I´d say they are the perfect pants for autumn, winter and early spring training !

    And the price is really cheap for the quality.

    Tyler.W.Johnson1 on #62750

    Awesome, thanks for all the recommendations!

    Fletcher on #63738

    I run in these pants and use them for fastpacking as well…

    Killam PX

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