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    Hi all

    I have just bought the Mike Foote 20 Big Vert training plan. I have 2 races lined up next year – one on the 1st May (exactly 20 weeks from now), the other 6 weeks later.

    I had initially planned to do the first race (44km, 1500m ascent) as a B race, and the second (44km, 2500m ascent) as my A race, but now am not so sure.

    Could/should I:

    (a) set the 20 week clock ticking now, and treat the 1st race as an A race, leaving 6 weeks to progress training for the 2nd race? If so, how much of the plan to repeat for the intervening 6 weeks…?

    (b) set the plan to finish on the date of the 2nd race, but somehow incorporate the 1st race into the training plan. If so, how much to tamper with the plan at week 14 to allow for a bit of tapering?

    Hope that makes sense.


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    Anonymous on #48290

    I like plan a) the best. Using that plan to prep for the first race is most likely to give the best result in that race. You’ll need a couple of weeks of lighter training for recovery after that race. But the fitness you’ve built for the first race can be sustained with a reduced training load for several weeks.

    I hope that helps.

    siflower on #48308

    Thanks for getting back to me Scott – much appreciated

    I’ll start the plan now then – good to get going…

    For those intervening 6 weeks, I’ll taper again as the 2nd race approaches but prior to this are there any particular weeks of the training plan that I should aim to repeat in order to maintain fitness?

    Thanks again


    Anonymous on #48323

    What training you do between races will be determined by how recovered you feel. Getting a couple of big volume/low intensity weeks early on will be wise. If you can sneak in 1-2 of the uphill intervals in the next 2 weeks you should. Do not look to set the world on fire in those final weeks to either race. You will be fit after this plan but you want to be rested enough to perform well.


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