Mounting shift bindings -15 from center?

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    I’m a big guy. I just bought a new pair of Superwolf Carbon Touring Skis 184’s, just my size with some nice shifts. I heard in some guys in the Alps mount negative to help on the uphill. I’m not sure if this trend is out of date, but for a big guy like me, with knees like me, I wonder if it will work out. Do you think because I am a little bit bigger of a guy, I should consider going a little more than that, just in case for my knees?


    Height: 5.9′
    Weight: 195

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    maass on #62908

    You should mount your boots on the recommended line of the ski. Mounting farther back will not help your uphill and will hurt your kick turns. The ski tip with lever up to clear the turn better if your bindings are at recommended or forward of that line. You also want your nice new skis to ski well. Poor ski performance could lead to knee injuries.

    cstrach on #63279

    Definitely agree with Maass – maybe some skimo racing skis might have some mount adjustments for uphilling efficiency with kick turns or something, but if you’re on Shifts, you’re really more interested in downhill performance. -1.5 will affect downhill performance possibly in a more negative way than an incremental benefit on the up. Definitely won’t change anything with your knees.

    As for footie, I dunno. Is there a spam reporting feature on this forum?

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