Mountaineering trip coming and ME or workouts advices needed

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    Hi everyone,

    first of all :Thanks for this forum and website ! I have been reading a lot for the past few days, and lots of great information are here to be found.

    So as I am not sure of what to do, and haven’t found an answer yet, I prefer ask and create a new topic.

    I have a 12 day mountaineering course with AAI planned in August, and let’s say it would happen, or at least, I want to train as if would.
    So basically, I started to train last november according to the same concept found here, including Running 2/week and Core & General Strength workout 2/week. I had 18 weeks of training until end of february, then, after a 15 days break, we have been put in lockdown where I live and since then I haven’t be able to run at all.
    So I started again with a core/resistance training twice a week and added only this one workout : I started to climb my building stairs once a week to try to keep in shape. It’s a 24 floors building and so far I ended last week with climbing/down climbing 177 floors in a row (442 meters gain more or less) with a 11kg backpack. I have been doing that for 11 weeks now and have added weight and floors gradually and separately.
    During lockdown, I bought TfTNA and read a lot of the concepts and realized that :
    My way of running was surely too fast, and I am probably eligible for ADS 🙂
    So basically, I have now 9 weeks left as of beginning of next week and I have got some questions about what I am gonna do next.
    I started to run again and will be really conservative about it. So I will use MAF method as I can’t do a drift test right now which let me to 141 (I am 39) and I think it’s better for me to take 135 as a AeT threshold. I should be able to do that twice a week at most (30 to 45 minutes), as I am not allowed to do more because of lockdown and permits of circulation here.
    With what I have read so far here and in the book, I have totally missed the MAx Strength Training period which is sad because I could have done it a bit if I had read the book earlier, and with my time left, it looks like it’s time to do ME workout
    And I came to realize that stairs climbing is a ME workout, so basically, I have been doing that for 11 weeks already and some Core& General Strengh workout twice a week as well.
    Now there are my question and I am sorry for being so long to came to that point.
    I have read that ME workout like stairs climbing with a backpack can lead up to 72 hours recovery and less if well trained, which I don’t consider myself at all.
    So for the next few weeks, should I continue to do Core&General Strength workout ?
    I have the feeling that maybe I should’nt include box step up and split bench squat twice a week or any workout that imply leg work.
    Maybe I could do a core workout twice a week and a workout which imply the legs maybe once a week at most, or not at all.
    For stairs climbing ME, do you think I should end-up with a long workout ? My biggest so far took me 1hour and 20 minutes (177 floors), but I was way above AeT.

    So any help or advice would be appreciated. I hope this is understandable and my english is not too confusing.

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    Anonymous on #42462

    I haven’t be able to run at all.

    Do you have a skipping rope?

    So for the next few weeks, should I continue to do Core&General Strength workout?


    I have the feeling that maybe I shouldn’t include box step up and split bench squat twice a week or any workout that imply leg work.

    Why not?

    Even if you’re suffering from ADS, if you have a specific trip that you’re getting ready for, you’ll want to do some weighted carries. See this thread for more info.

    GuillaumeM on #42464

    hi Scott,
    thanks for your answer.

    Yes I do have a skinning rope 🙂

    I gave a look again at the book so as far as I understand, I can still do ME workout as much as twice a week at most, so basically one session including box step ups and split bench squat, and another with stairs climbing with a backpack. Is that right ?
    But my concern was about doing 2 workout/week of general strength for example and also adding that ME workout.

    Anonymous on #42519

    If your base volume has dropped, you’ll need to reduce the ME work as well. Otherwise, it’ll reduce your aerobic capacity and make you slower overall.

    Keep ME in a 1:20 ratio with base work, and you should be okay.

    GuillaumeM on #42548

    Thanks a lot for advices.


    alexasam58 on #42714

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    Anonymous on #42721

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